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In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Statistical mechanics is a branch of statistical physics that deals with the description of physical phenomena in terms of the stochastic behaviour of large numbers of components, such as atoms or molecules, especially regarding the distribution of energy among them. Statistical mechanics provides exact methods to connect thermodynamic quantities such as pressure to microscopic behaviour. Research 26 March Open Access. Research 04 March The structure and dynamics of hydrogen bonds in ion hydration shells are not yet fully understood, however, small ion—dihydrate molecular complexes represent ideal model systems with which to investigate the interplay between ion—water and water—water interactions.

FYS4130 – Statistical mechanics

Now, state-of-the-art quantum dynamics simulations have provided evidence for tunnelling in hydrogen-bond rearrangements in the iodide—dihydrate complex. Research 22 January Open Access.

Research 13 December Open Access. The mean rate concept breaks-down in real-world situations when the reactants are present in nanomolar concentrations.

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Statistical Mechanics - Université de Cergy-Pontoise

Here, the authors show the full distribution of reaction times, introduce the concepts of geometry and reaction-control, and quantify each regime by calculating the corresponding reaction depth. Research 17 September Molecular dynamic simulations reveal that the rapid crystal growth in pure metals is governed by a barrierless ordering process, correlating to the inherent crystalline structure in the liquid at the growth interface.

Reviews 28 February The approximation underlying most atomistic simulations to treat nuclei classically can lead to large errors and the failure to capture important physical effects. This Review reports on recent developments that enable modelling of quantum nuclei at a computational cost comparable with that of a classical simulation.

News and Views 05 October The signature of the self-interactions that a colloid in solution undergoes has been observed. The observation has implications for single-particle studies of soft matter and biological systems.

See Letter p. Prerequisites: There are no strict prerequisites.

Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics Group

But a basic knowledge of probability theory will be assumed. Leads To: Academic and non-academic research in probability theory and complexity. Content: Statistical mechanics describes physical systems with a huge number of particles. In physics, the goal is to describe macroscopic phenomena in terms of microscopic models and to give a meaning to notions such as temperature or entropy.

Master in Theoretical Physics and Applications

Mathematically, it can be viewed as the study of random variables with spatial dependence. Models of statistical mechanics form the background for recent advances in probability theory and stochastic analysis, such as SLE and the theory of regularity structures. So, they form an important background for understanding these topics of modern mathematics. The module will give a thorough mathematical introduction to the Ising model and to the gaussian free field on regular graphs, and to the theory of infinite volume Gibbs measures.