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Why Liberals Are More Intelligent Than Conservatives

Which one will you take off the bookshelf? Learning history just got fun.

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Immerse yourself into the American Revolution as you join alongside the many ordinary men who carved out the destiny of the United States. During a time of complete darkness, an economy beginning to plunge, and the weight of lost hope and confusion in Imperial Britain, one of the greatest figures of the twentieth century uplifted a movement to spark the path of a new future.

Best Conservative Blogs

Stand beside Winston Churchill as Manchester characterizes how a single flame of hope can light a future of adventure, success and courage in the heart of an unforgotten hero. Meyer pours exhaustive research into the pages of this remarkable account of our first global battle. Take your education into your own hands and ditch the edited and revised version of history your teachers have taught you. Your history textbook only gives a taste of what happened during the Civil War — and a biased one at that.

The intelligent woman's guide to conservatism., by Russell Kirk | The Online Books Page

Who is John Galt? Dive into one of the greatest minds of the 20 th century as this action thriller shows you a dystopian United States in which private businesses suffer under extreme government regulation and intervention, and characters are swept away by an unknown John Galt. View a new side of philosophy of reason and individualism as you watch a capitalist economy crumble under government coercion — a utopia of the Left.

Everyone knows the name Mark Levin, but many do not know about his New York Times bestseller released during the start of the Obama presidency. Brooks states that the two sides do not disagree on the importance of lifting individuals out of poverty, but rather on the best methods to accomplish this objective.

Samuel P. Levin makes the case for conservatism, arguing that a bottom-up, decentralized approach to government helps foster the environment where individuals and society can thrive.


Bookshelf If you have time for further reading, we recommend you begin by delving deeper into the philosophical and psychological roots of political differences. Thomas Sowell, A Conflict of Visions Economist Thomas Sowell offers an enlightening theory about the origin of the political divide.

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  8. They believe that human nature is morally mixed and morally flawed; people require social constraints in order to behave well. Additional Conservative Readings: Arthur C. Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France full text. Barry M. Goldwater, The Conscience of a Conservative By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU.

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