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  1. Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence
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Lawrence worked on Women in Love in a frame of mind very different from the relative optimism with which he wrote The Rainbow. He was embittered by the public misunderstanding of the earlier novel, and depressed by the demoralizing wartime situation. Furthermore, during this phase of his life he suffered a personal crisis associated with intense disgust at homosexuality.

A new imagery enters his work in Women in Love, an imagery associated with darkness, corruption and a deathly sensuality, in turn related to a revolt against women's emotional domination of men. Women in Love was rejected by a succession of publishers, nervous because of the banning of The Rainbow. It was finally published, by Seltzer in America in , and by Seeker in England in , in texts that often depart from Lawrence's original intentions: some of the differences from the original are typographical, or result from transcriptions made by Frieda and also by Lawrence, working between two typescripts.

In the first English edition there are changes that were made at the proof stage, either by Lawrence himself at the request of Seeker, or by Seeker without authority.

Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence

The new Cambridge edition, using as the base text the typescript. This does not differ in any major ways from the novel as we know it, but is valuable as the first accurate text. The Cambridge editors have been soundly criticized, by Paul Delany in The London Review of Books, for not having provided an edition that allows us also to study the novel, then still called The Sisters, as Lawrence first completed it in , and to observe the various stages of revision.

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We are promised a further volume from Cambridge, entitled The Sisters, which will print the text together with subsequent changes and deletions. One hopes that this will enable us to understand more fully the development of Lawrence's ideas.

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There are some advantages in the two-volume arrangement, since we now have a good text of the novel in its final state without the unwieldiness of a variorum edition. In the several descriptions of Birkin resting his head upon Hermione's breast we are reminded more of Gerald seeking maternal solace of Gudrun than of the resolutely independent male Birkin in the final version.

More revealing, however, is Birkin's realization of his homosexual nature as the source of his inability to have a complete relationship with a woman. The unresolved emotional complex of Sons and Lovers, whereby love of a woman must be either elevated spirituality or carnal lust, here becomes comprehensible.

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We will be able to answer the question more fully when the drafts of The Sisters I Women in Love are more accessible to us, and yet we can already make inferences. It is not that women exist as characters to be dominated by men, although that eventually becomes the issue, but that the fictional elements are conceived in terms of female experience: a central function of The Rainbow is to create a woman's consciousness and a woman's history; the very titles of Women in Love and the earlier The Sisters reveal that women's lives and feelings determine the narrative.

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It seems, then, that Lawrence's decision to discard the. Rather it was subsumed into a pattern of feelings that both acknowledged the spiritual kinship with women, and resisted female dominance. Out of this emotional state grew the overcompensatory idealization of masculinity, which is incipient in Birkin and is at its height in the novels of the leadership period, most virulently in The Plumed Serpent.

Lawrence's reactions of disgust to the homosexuality of Maynard Keynes and his group, whom he encountered at Cambridge in 19 IS, indicate that the issue for him was not to conceal part of his true nature but to establish his maleness in the way that was essential to him. In this new edition, all of the original readings are restored. This therefore makes fully consistent the various references throughout the novel to the figure of the African woman in labour.

Their bond is solidified that night when they sleep together on the ground of Sherwood Forest. Crich finally succumbs to death. He sneaks inside and upstairs, and wakes Gudrun up in her bedroom. He spends the night there, asleep while Gudrun watches him. After a violent argument with her father, Ursula decides to move in with Birkin.

The two marry soon thereafter, and Gerald proposes a winter holiday in Europe for the two couples. He talks at length with Ursula and Birkin about the trip, hoping it will be an occasion to develop the romance between him and Gudrun.

Ursula and Birkin eventually join Gerald and Gudrun at Innsbruck, a picturesque Austrian retreat town. Things are lovely at first, but soon sour. The group lodges in a small hostel outside of Innsbruck and friction develops between them, in part due to a German artist named Herr Loerke who takes an interest in Gudrun.


Lawrence (D. R). Women in Love. Eds. David Farmer, Lindeth Vasey and John Worthen - Persée

Ursula begins to loathe the cold and convinces Birkin to leave. Gerald and Gudrun remain, and Loerke continues to pursue Gudrun. One afternoon she and Loerke are on a picnic that Gerald violently interrupts. Gerald knocks Loerke to the ground and strangles Gudrun nearly to death. He stomps away deeper into the mountains as the sun falls. He freezes to death and his body is brought back to the hostel the next morning by a rescue team. Gudrun sends a telegram to Birkin and Ursula, who return immediately. Birkin is devastated, and the novel ends with him insisting to Ursula that he believes a lasting and intimate bond with Gerald was possible, even while remaining married to Ursula.

Gerald loves Birkin, but sees him desiring Ursula, which contributes to Gerald Why is D. Lawrence called a Pirest of love? The relation between men and women.


This is such a complex book that extends beyond relations between women and men. Still it is a major theme. Women in Love starts with two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun. Both of them are extremely modern ladies, but with really old-fashioned names The Women in Love study guide contains a biography of D. Lawrence, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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