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  2. REVIEW: Wrong Man, Right Kiss by Red Garnier
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  4. The One That Got Away (Harlequin Kiss Series #1)

The heroine often sees herself as average in appearance, although the hero thinks she is incredibly attractive. She is loyal to her friends and family, but at the same time, independent enough to make decisions, which the hero likes. It goes on and on, but you get the point. She's supposed to be an average woman who the hero thinks is amazing and special, and he can't help but fall in love with her. The hero, in contrast, is described in immense detail. The colour of his eyes, his height, his desirable athletic body, his clothing choices which he always looks good in, according to the heroine , his confidence and masculinity, the way he moves his face, his voice So, these books tell us that women most want a certain type of man - an attractive one.

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Science and common sense has been telling us that already, so nothing new there. They also tell us what sort of personality features they want, or how a good mate's voice should sound, and interestingly, these descriptions fit well with the scientific literature on women's mate preferences. The real magic of these books, at least in the analyses I've done, is how the hero changes. He starts off gruff, rude, arrogant, and cold, but with fantastic looks.

In the middle of the book, he tries to prove that he's good enough for her, and that he's changed to meet her criteria. Something happens by the end of the or so pages, and he turns into a man who wants to settle down and have a few children in a monogamous relationship.


He's happy to be loyal and adore the heroine for the rest of their lives. As an aside, am I the only one who wonders how this story plays out? I'm curious to see what their lives are like 20 years in the future. How does the married couple keep it going; are they still together, happily? The magic of falling in love is all well and good, but the long-term is never really considered.

She gets the best of both worlds! And the way that this dual-hero is solved for readers is the hero claims that he's loved the heroine since the very start, and that reason he had to behave so badly was to hide the fact that he was overwhelmed by his love for her.

REVIEW: Wrong Man, Right Kiss by Red Garnier

Either that, or she made him see the error in his ways. What woman doesn't swoon at this? What woman can resist wanting a daring, confident, attractive man who also is so deeply in love with her that he can't even look at another woman? And he wants to marry her, on top of it all. She's having her cake and eating it too.

She gets all the benefits without any of the costs. The cad won't expect hot, casual sex and then take off- he becomes the dad, who, given his history, isn't boring. This poses an interesting problem for real world men. Can a man who is a cad or a dad truly change his ways?

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The research suggests he can't. For a variety of reasons, including the way he was raised such as the presence or absence of a father or the way testosterone works in the body, men tend to stay pretty much consistent when it comes to mating strategies. That is, a nice guy who wants to be a dad and settle down can't usually fake being a cad although the author of "The Game" will have you believe otherwise.

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Likewise, a cad really can't convincingly pull off being a dad. What we want in a fantasy world isn't what is usually best for us. As a friend of mine said, when it comes to romantic relationships , it's like we're all children learning a new skill. All children start off drawing people with a big circle head with long stick legs - is it because they see people in this way?

The One That Got Away (Harlequin Kiss Series #1)

It is because they lack the skill to adequately recreate what they see. Women who are dating are similar - they have this ideal of having a cad who is also a dad. In real life, they can't recreate this incredible man because he doesn't exist! You can't have a cad and a dad - you have to settle for one, or risk compromising dad by sneaking out with cad.

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